Writing Chapter Two.

On June 19, 2020, I married a man I wholeheartedly believe my late husband prepared for me.

Gosh, that’s such a weird statement.

But it’s true.

Darian loves me exactly how my heart needs to be loved right now. He’s also so perfectly himself that he makes me laugh and smile by just being… him. My husband. My “chapter two.”

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June 4th Will Always Be Ours.

{Originally posted on my IG page (@KimKeepsGoing) on what would have been my ninth wedding anniversary with Rasheed on 6/4/20.}

Never needed a reminder of love more than during this week. Nine years ago today I married an incredible man. Though Rasheed Wiggins is no longer walking this earth, the love still lives. During a week filled with so much pain, I’m simply remembering a day filled with so much love & the intense joy shared by our family & friends that still makes this young widow’s heart smile. ❤️

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