No Good Reason.

No. Everything does not happen for a reason. No. There isn’t always good in every situation. Yes. Bad things happen to good people. Yes. Good things happen to bad people. And sometimes bad things just happen. And yes. It is all about how you react and move forward.

Please understand how difficult it is for me to write this post. I only do so because I’ve had a few of these conversations face-to-face (imagine that), and finding others who were willing to admit the shameful fact that death shakes every part of your being, including your faith – has been the only thing that’s provided some comfort in this area. Those who were strong enough to admit they understand my deep confusion, hurt, pain and isolation, provided a path for me to slowly walk down and find my new way. I hope this serves to do the same for many others who may find him or herself on this same path.

Recently, I was able to have a real conversation with a beautiful friend. She reminded me “God is good. It’s man that is terrible.”

While I do believe God wants the best for us. It’s been very difficult for me to say the first part of the phrase she told me above. My head knows God loves us, just as any parent loves his or her child. My head also knows God hurts when we do.

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